Services: Vandalism & Graffiti

graffiti on a stone wall

Aside from damaging the building in which you have invested, vandalism and graffiti also lower customers’ perception of your business.

When you need to have your building repaired, and quickly, ServiceMaster of Allentown will be there to help.

In addition to hits to your reputation, vandalism can impact your commercial facility in other ways.

Graffiti gets harder to remove the longer it sits; therefore, you risk permanent stains on  graffiti on a concrete wall and pillar and broken glass on doorsyour building.

Also, by not cleaning up hazardous debris, you may be risking the safety of your employees and customers.

Finally, broken windows and doors can leave your office open to more crimes and vandalism.

No matter what type of vandalism your home or place of business suffers, we can help restore your exterior to its previous condition.

From paint and graffiti, to structural damage and broken windows, no feat is too big or too small for ServiceMaster of Allentown.